Flag Of Jamaica


We go to Jamaica. Spoiler alert - we were not impressed. It is an OK place to visit and all, but we would not go back nor would we recommend it. Immigration/customs is a nightmare. Exploring the island is pretty much a bust - with locals…
Turks And Caicos Flag

Turks and Caicos

We visit Turks and Caicos island and drive the second finest rental to date.
United States Virgin Islands Flag

St Thomas

We visit St. Thomas. Nothing exciting happened!
Puerto Rico Flag

San Juan

We return to the Caribbean and soak up some sabor Boricua.
Anguilla Flag


We visit Anguilla and encounter sand so soft, you might think it was baby powder. No kidding, it was so fine and delicate, it ruined an underwater camera. This once unspoiled paradise is on the brink of explosion and I hope it retains its charm…
Saint Barthelemy Flag

Saint Barts

We visit Saint Barts and I nearly crash a 4-wheeler. Oopsie daisy.
Sint Maarten Flag

Saint Martin / Sint Maarten

Had a hurricane warning while we were there, which luckily missed the island. The entire island shut down. We took the opportunity to drive around on abandoned roads and in the rain. It was tremendous fun.
The Bahamas Flag


Took a cruise to the Bahamas. Never again. Cruises are gross.