We visit Chiang Mai. Downtown is essentially a giant tourist trap. Don’t get me wrong, the night markets are fun, but it is a little sad. Everything felt less authentic.

The countryside was nice though and everyone was, as usual, very nice and friendly.

Spoiler alert – even when we ventured off the beaten path, the food was … not really spicy at all. All the tales of crazy hot Thai food, have proven, once again, to be a tall tale. Some heat? Sure, but nowhere close to the spiciest food we have had.

My favorite memory of Chiang Mai … when we were checking into the hotel, there was the all too typical “no durian” sign. I pointed, and joked to Annie – “Tell mom, no durian”. The woman behind the counter smiled and gave us a sly “My mom likes durain too.”. Ah moms, they be loving durian, ya know?