We go to Jamaica. Spoiler alert – we were not impressed.

It is an OK place to visit and all, but we would not go back nor would we recommend it. Immigration/customs is a nightmare. Exploring the island is pretty much a bust – with locals hounding you for money. If you just want to lay around a resort, it is fine. If you want anything more interesting, I would skip this island.


Drove an excellent pile of garbage – silver Suzuki. The driver’s mirror had been replaced with a blue mirror of what appeared to be the same make and model. The rooftop antenna was broken off, bobbling around and just holding onto life. The interior was absolutely shot and basically, the entire exterior was beaten within an inch of its life. On the plus side – we blended in with the other local cars.

Jamaica is righthand drive and relatively easy to drive around. There are only a few roads so getting lost is relatively hard. Most of the drivers are easygoing, aside from the drivers passing on the right, in order to get one car ahead.

There is a pretty interesting car culture in Jamaica. There was a good number of JDM Hondas, sporting Mugen badges. I spotted a couple STi’s – and 2 of those were non-WRX models (Forester and something else – like a Legacy). Mitsubishi is clearly popular and I saw numerous Evo’s – from 6’s all the way through Evo x’s.