We travel to Fruita and I run the Desert Rats 50K.

Race Report: Desert Rats

A fully-exposed course. Lovely views of the Western Colorado canyons. Similar to Moab but a little more green.

Lots of ups/downs and technical running but not too tough of a race. The long hill at mile 24 or so was a doozy but really not so bad. Lots and lots of runners complained of stomach issues, which stood out as odd. The weather was not terribly hot. The wind picked up in the afternoon and was very strong at times. The wind dropped the temperature dramatically, particularly on the top of the ridges. I put my light jacket back on as I was leaving the last aid station and kept it on for several miles.

Overall, a wonderful event and one I would highly recommend.

Desert Rats 50k Elevation Profile

Desert Rats 50k Course Profile

Desert Rats 50k Course

Desert Rats 50k Course

Race Website: https://geminiadventures.com/trail-running-festival/

Lowest Point: 4,490 feet

Highest Point: 5,380 feet

Approximate Gain: 4,472 feet

Approximate Descent: 4,472 feet

Average Grade: 5%

Max Grade: 53%

Scott's Finishing Time: 7:51:28

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