We road trip from Oregon to Colorado, because we moved back home. Hazzah!

Having driven from Colorado to Oregon before, we decided to take the long way ’round. We slid up through Spokane and the Idaho panhandle before adding a new state, Montana. I must say, most of Oregon is a desert wasteland (it does border Nevada after all). Eastern Washington, however, is fantastically beautiful. As you cross the Idaho panhandle, it too is so gorgeous. Nothing like the farmland of southern Idaho, the panhandle is rolling hills and lots of forests. Such a treat to see as the leaves were turning for fall.

As we rolled into Montana, it was much of the same. The northern Rockies are not exactly like what we grew up with, in Denver, but so similar so as to make no difference. Ah, actual mountains. So lovely to see you again. We stopped in Bozeman before touring Yellowstone and the Tetons. While I wouldn’t spend endless time here, a day trip through to see the sights was well worth it.

It is a shame, Instagram “culture” has ruined everything. Endless folks stopped in the road, clamoring to get the same exact picture you can find online – only yours is much, much worse. For all that is holy, can’t anyone just enjoy the scenery and then just google a picture if need be? Yes, those are buffalo or the Tetons. Yes, they are a sight to see. No, you do not need to jump from a moving vehicle to take a picture of them. If you care to snap a picture, there are turn-offs nearly every mile. Why not take advantage of one of them as opposed to slamming everyone into an impromptu traffic jam?

After stopping overnight in Rock Springs Wyoming, it was a race! Annie and I blistered East before turning south on I25 – a road we know all too well.