We visit Turks and Caicos island. While it is a fine place, and the people are generally very friendly, there isn’t much to do and everything is really expensive. We reckon this is the most expensive place we have been to date, which kind of comes as a surprise.

It is not as if we stick to high-price resort food. Far from it. Still, meals cost roughly $25-$50 per person, which adds up quickly. Even the food trucks cost $20+ a meal per person. The food is not widely varied (fish, conch, jerk chicken, rice/beans, and plantains) and most of it was pretty middle of the road. Nothing stood out as particularly tasty but most of it was not terrible. Just kind of meh.

While it is a fine place and all, I would skip this one and opt for some other Caribbean island.


We rent a little white Suzuki. It’s left-hand drive (in a RHD country), 5 on the floor, and nothing but rip-roaring fun. The suspension must be way out of spec because it darts all over on the highway but it dives into turns like you wouldn’t believe. This is easily my second favorite rental car, beating out the Jack Daniel’s special but falling short of the Corolla of Dreams.