Having run the Berlin Marathon a week prior (and with no training to speak of), we figure why not run another?

Race Report: Loch Ness Marathon

This is a gorgeous course, especially for a road race. The views of the loch are fantastic and it gives you an idea of just how big that body of water is. This is likely my favorite marathon to date. If not number one, easily in the top three.

The course is fairly shaded but it is not exactly a hot and sunny course. It rained off and on and was fairly chilly. The course gently rolls downhill most of the way with only an occasional uphill bump.

Loch Ness Marathon Course Profile

Loch Ness Marathon Course Profile

When Annie and I both made it into the Berlin Marathon, it was exciting. When Annie realized that this race was a week later, and therefore possible as a part of a typical 10-day trip to Europe, we were delighted. When life got in the way and we had no time to train, we figured, how bad could it be? I’ll tell you, jumping from 5 miles a week to 50 miles in a week … takes a toll.

By the finish of this race, we were in good spirits but physically shot. The previous night, I used a glass bottle to roll out the worst of the knots in my legs. While I suspect that helped, I was limping fairly noticeably by the time I completed the race. Annie, the trooper, had a huge lump on the front of her leg by mile 15 or so. A serious case of shin splint didn’t slow her down. She turned the last corner, having crossed that last bridge, and took off like a shot. I struggled considerably to keep up and officially finished 5 seconds behind her, but I don’t believe it. She was clearly way ahead of me at the finish line.

We limped and staggered our way back to the hotel. Packed our stuff and headed home the next day. Run two marathons and then hop a flight across the Atlantic? You betcha! Good times.

Race Website: https://www.lochnessmarathon.com

Lowest Point: 19 feet

Highest Point: 1,019 feet

Approximate Gain: 1,019 feet

Approximate Descent: 2,015 feet

Annie's Finishing Time: 5:28:07

Scott's Finishing Time: 5:28:12

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