Despite not training at all for the past 4 months (we moved across the country), we run the Berlin marathon. We picked up our third star, adding to New York and Chicago.

Race Report: Berlin Marathon

The course is flat, flat, and then more flat. Don’t let that bump in the middle fool you. The course is FLAT.

Berlin Marathon Course Profile

Berlin Marathon Course Profile

It rained the entire time, so heat was not an issue. We wish the weather had been better because we spent the entire race with our heads down and didn’t see as much of the city as we would have liked. Of course, we had a wonderful time despite not running the race particularly well. That whole not training thing does make a difference as it turns out. Oh well. Marathon 1 of 2 for this trip was in the bag.

As far as the Majors marathon series, I would say I prefer Chicago all around. The New York course is better, but the people in Berlin were not as rude as New York. Big races are always kind of a hassle but are a fun experience.

Race Website:

Lowest Point: 91 feet

Highest Point: 165 feet

Approximate Gain: 241 feet

Approximate Descent: 260 feet

Annie's Finishing Time: 5:23:54

Scott's Finishing Time: 5:23:54

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