I run the Mountain Rats Trail Marathon.

Race Report: Mountain Rats Marathon

A relatively tough course with lots of different trail conditions. This race included asphalt, dirt roads, Jeep trails, single track, fairly technical sections with larger rocks, several water crossings, and even what seemed like just natural drainage ditches through bushes and trees.

Many portions are highly runnable but there are also numerous very steep climbs and descents. This wouldn’t be the hardest race I have run to date, but it was certainly hardest on my feet. I walked away with several blisters, which is highly uncommon for me at any distance. I credit some of the steeper descents for the out of the ordinary blisters.

Mountain Rats Marathon Course Profile

Mountain Rats Marathon Course Profile

The first third or so is fairly well shaded but the majority of the last two-thirds is wide open and exposed. Although the day had high temperatures and tremendous dust, a runner who competed last year’s race described it as cold, raining, and a slip and slide of mud. I am not sure if I would prefer the heat or the mud, but I got what I got. Regardless, I like this race and would run it again. Solid fun.

Race Website: https://geminiadventures.com/mountain-rats/

Lowest Point: 6,607 feet

Highest Point: 9,138 feet

Approximate Gain: 4,806 feet

Approximate Descent: 4,806 feet

Average Grade: 7%

Max Grade: 34%

Scott's Finishing Time: 6:37:42

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