We run The Legend!

Little did we know, Cheyenne’s nickname is “The Legend”. We just thought they were really hyping the fact that this was their first marathon. Shows what we know.

The town is really tiny, with a center of about 3 blocks across. No kidding, The NYC marathon has nearly as many participants as the entire population of Cheyenne. Crazy stuff. This means that the townspeople were extra friendly and very curious about where all the visitors came from.

Race Report: Cheyenne Marathon

Quite surprisingly, the course had more hills than we expected. The first 2/3rds or so was rolling hills with a gentle but definite uphill slope. Despite being fully exposed, the race was rather cool as it started just before sunrise.

Cheyenne Marathon Course Profile

Cheyenne Marathon Course Profile

The course itself was laid out in a rather odd fashion. It crisscrossed over top of itself in several places in a very weird way. Although aspects of it were rather pretty, some of the course was through parking lots.

All in all, if I were looking for a marathon in Wyoming, I would pass on this race and try to find something closer to the mountains.

Race Website: https://www.cheyenne.org/race/

Lowest Point: 5,870 feet

Highest Point: 6,253 feet

Approximate Gain: 868 feet

Approximate Descent: 805 feet

Annie's Finishing Time: 4:55:21

Scott's Finishing Time: 4:56:02

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