I an my first 50K at beautiful Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood.

Race Report: The Bear Chase

A looped run with a couple of water crossings per loop. A very exposed but overall flat course. There is one major hill per loop and another smaller, more sloped hill. Nothing too crazy. It is a good little run.

Bear Chase 50k Course Profile

Bear Chase 50K Course Profile

The looped format felt good for my first attempt at a 50K. I will say, that passing through the start line made going back out a little harder. When you are way out on the trail and the choices are: keep going and finish or … uh, hope someone comes to get you (?), you keep going and you finish. I made a point to get in and out of the start area quickly so that I was not tempted to stop.

Although the looped format was a good safety net for my first 50K, I didn’t need it. I this point I had 7 marathons under my belt, including a disaster of a Dopey Challenge (that I finished despite not training). I should have had more confidence in myself and just jumped into a “real” 50K. I was a better runner than I gave myself credit for. This wasn’t that hard and that surprised me.

There was, however, business to settle here. Years prior I had run my first half marathon on this course. The cold water gummed up my knee and I had to hobble the last few miles. Going back, and blasting this 50K course was nice.

Race Website: https://www.bearchaserace.com/

Approximate gain: 1,930 feet

Approximate descent: 1,930 feet

Scott's Finishing Time: 6:42:45

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