Ran the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon.

Seattle is up and coming. We saw cranes everywhere. Clearly, that weed money is working for Washington, just like it is in Denver.

Race Report: Rock N' Roll Seattle

The first half of the run was really nice. It was a scenic loop around an attractive part of town. It was kind of woodsy or maybe a park, or something. It was nature stuff and nice.

We then ran back past the start/finish line. This is always a tough mental game. If you turn left, you get to stop running – albeit without finishing your goal. You turn right and have to slog on for another couple of hours. Well, that right turn takes you up a long and fairly steep hill and through a less-than-scenic portion of Seattle. It is disheartening on so many levels. I mean, it is fine, and we finished. It was just, eh.

If we had run the race in the other direction, with the really nice part of the race in the second half, it would have been so much better.

Rock And Roll Seattle Marathon Course Profile

Rock And Roll Seattle Marathon Course Profile

Race Website: http://www.runrocknroll.com/seattle

Lowest Point: 17 feet

Highest Point: 404 feet

Approximate Gain: 1,468 feet

Approximate Descent: 1,468 feet

Annie's Finishing Time: 4:29:42

Scott's Finishing Time: 4:30:06

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