Casa Oaxaca has the greatest salsa and it is made tableside. They also have the tastiest cocktails that will haunt your dreams.

There was mole for days and all of it was so dang good.

We found the most tremendous lunch ever, in Santiago Matatlan. A local woman was making tortillas. She made us memelas and fresh horchata. Such a banging lunch. We’ll be back for sure.


Our boy, what a layover in Mexico City. We spent hours upon hours waiting for our flight to Oaxaca. I do not know what was going on that day. Over and over, all the flights had their departure time and gate changed. All-day long, every hour or so, a person would come out to the departure screen with a notepad. They would jot down some magic notes. Minutes later, everything changed. Everyone in the airport would look up, see the changes, and reshuffle. It was hilarious in a way.

Eventually, we boarded a plane. We packed onto a bus, for a short trip to the plane. We climbed the ladder and were on the plane. We thought, here we go. We’re on our way. They mentioned that they needed to add fuel, and so they would leave the door open, to allow air to circulate. Fine. Great. We both fell fast asleep.

Before you know it, we both woke up to a cool breeze. That is odd, we thought. It was a couple of hours later and the sun had gone down. We were still sitting in Mexico City. Still waiting on fuel.

Almost the longest layover. At least this time we did not have to wait so long that a hotel was in order. Good times.