The most remote place we have ever stayed. I gave all my clothes, except one shirt and my swimming suit, to a local lady. She took my clothes to her house, washed, dried and folded them. While we waited, we secured a scooter, because nothing was anywhere near walking distance. In order to obtain the scooter for 24 hours, I gave the owner my passport. This was his method of ensuring I bought the scooter back. No clothes. No phone. No passport. In the middle of nowhere Thailand.

We scooted around, eating at various local people’s homes. They all have tables out front. You saunter up and sit down. They cook you whatever they have on hand. The kindest lady even spent 30 minutes scootering to all her neighbors in order to try to find us tofu.

In the end, we survived, but only after we took the sketchiest “cab” ride through the jungle at night.